3 Ways Security Cameras Help Law Enforcement Solve Crimes

Posted on May 8th, 2020

3 Ways Security Cameras Help Law Enforcement Solve Crimes

3 Ways Security Cameras Help Law Enforcement Solve Crimes

Security cameras and security systems are used by homes, businesses, and other organizations as a way to deter crime. Most criminals that see these solutions installed will move onto another target out of fear of being caught on camera. 

While security cameras have helped countless residents and business owners protect their property, there are also several ways security cameras can help law enforcement solve and even reduce crime.

Provides Hard Evidence

Security camera footage is considered hard evidence when a crime takes place. This evidence can be used to help investigate a crime. It is objective and is not tainted by anyone's personal opinion or error. Security footage is a good way for law enforcement officials to gather the evidence they need to verify a suspect's involvement, piece together the timeline of a crime, and give them something even more concrete to work off.

Helps Corroborate Other Evidence

Security cameras also help law enforcement corroborate other evidence they have regarding a crime. Statements from witnesses are helpful, but when they also have the video evidence to back up those statements, they have more reliable and accurate evidence. 

It is also a way to confirm some of the information being said about the incident and other physical evidence on the scene. For example, if there is glass on the floor inside of the home or business, a law enforcement official may assume that the window where that glass was located was broken from the outside, and that's why the glass is on the inside. However, those assumptions turn into fact once they review the security camera footage and see that the window was broken from the outside.

Allows for Consistent Around the Clock Surveillance

Finally, security cameras allow for more consistent, around the clock surveillance, which is extremely helpful for law enforcement during any kind of investigation. Most security cameras work 24/7, which means law enforcement personnel has access to all the footage they need to investigate and prove their case.

If there is a high-quality video surveillance system, they may even have access to night vision footage or high definition footage that helps reveal license plate numbers. 

Security Cameras to Reduce Crime

Public surveillance cameras, when implemented responsibly, can also help cut down on the amount of crime that exists in an area that helps law enforcement. They are a cost-effective way to deter crime, reduce crime, and document crime if it happens. This leads to increased cost savings and makes the investment in this technology worth every penny. 

However, even the best security camera system can't replace the hard work and talent of local law enforcement officials. It takes good people with an eye for detail to review the video footage from these cameras to aid in an investigation. 

For more information on how local law enforcement can benefit from the use of security cameras or learn more about the different features you can have to make fighting crime a little easier, then contact Supercircuits today. 

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