Dashcams and Other Camera Systems for Law Enforcement Security

Posted on June 5th, 2020

Dashcams and Other Camera Systems for Law Enforcement Security

Dashcams and Other Camera Systems for Law Enforcement Security

Many steps are being taken to help provide more security to those in law enforcement. Departments across the country are finding solutions that combine quality with ease of use while still maintaining ready to use solutions that work toward keeping those in law enforcement safer and more secure while on the job.

Dashcams and other camera systems for law enforcement security are more prevalent these days. Here are a few reasons this kind of technology is needed.

Proving Probable Cause

In addition to helping keep those in law enforcement safer, police car cameras also help prove probable cause for search and seizure. They can also save the department time and money when it comes to offenders trying to plead no contest. They have the footage and evidence they need to help prove the case.

Improved Officer Training

This kind of surveillance for law enforcement officials also helps officer training. Traffic stops can be reviewed and critiqued, so the officers know if there is something else they could have done to ensure a safer stop for everyone involved. It also helps exonerate an officer in the case of a fraudulent complaint. Ninety-three percent of complaints filed against an officer with a police car camera system are thrown out.

Decrease Violence

These systems also help reduce instances of violence against officers. It has been found that acts of violence decrease 48 percent on average when there is a camera system present. This further helps increase officer efficiency as well.

Police body cameras have been able to avert some confrontations and improve behavior on both sides, which has also led to a decrease in death among unarmed civilians.

Improved Community Relations

With these camera systems, there is also an improvement in officer courtesy toward others in the community. This leads to better community relations. It also helps ensure that departmental procedure is being followed and efficiency is at its peak.

Body camera footage provides critical evidence for investigations when it comes to police conduct. It provides a clear, first-hand account of what transpired.

When it comes to releasing footage from these cameras, clear, public-facing policies are in effect that helps build more community trust.

Availability of Digital Evidence

Digital technology is becoming a way of life for many sectors, including law enforcement. Patrol vehicles are being equipped with mobile computing systems, vehicle cameras, license plate readers, radios, and other electronic devices that are meant to make their jobs easier while helping keep themselves and the community safer.

The data that is collected by these devices also proves to be an important source of digital evidence for law enforcement. It can showcase the behavior of a law enforcement official or suspect, it can help detail an incident, and can show the history of a case.

As you can see, dashcams and other camera security devices can go a long way in keeping the community and law enforcement officials safe. For more information on this technology and its advantages, contact the exp

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