Does Your Business Have Electronic Access Control

Posted on December 18th, 2019

Does Your Business Have Electronic Access Control

Does Your Business Have Electronic Access Control

If you operate a small business, you may still use a simple deadbolt lock to keep your premises safe from burglars and thieves. However, a deadbolt doesn’t do much to stop a determined burglar, especially if your building has a back entrance that leads into a dark alley where few people go after business hours. Electronic locks can be much more secure than a basic deadbolt, plus the system is more convenient than a deadbolt key and can expand with your business. 

The Keycard System

Instead of using a standard key, most electronic locks open when you either slide a keycard through a reader or hold it up to an RFID sensor. If the lock gets the right electronic credentials from the card, it’ll unlock the door for a few seconds so the person with the card can get in. Many of the older keycard systems are simple enough by today’s standards that hackers can spoof the credentials, but there are also more sophisticated systems that are almost impossible to crack.

The Permissions Database 

Keycard systems let you register several sets of credentials, which means that every card you hand out to your employees sends a unique signal. You’ll have to register each keycard with your electronic access control system, but once you do it’ll be able to keep track of who enters each locked door and when. You can also use permissions to let authorized employees into secure areas while making sure that your other employees stay out.

Expansion Opportunities

You don’t have to limit your electronic lock system to just one location. The database is completely electronic, which means you can set up secure internet connections and adjust security permissions for every location all at once and from anywhere. That means your employees can access every building your company uses with a single keycard, assuming they have the right permissions to get in. That means you can maintain a consistent security system even as you expand your business and move into multiple cities.

Instant Revocations

Employee terminations aren’t always smooth and quiet, and sometimes employees will want to retaliate after being let go. They could potentially do a lot of damage if they copy their key and sell it to a burglar, but you won’t have to worry about that if you have a keycard system. Even if you don’t get it back from them and even if they get the right tools to make a copy, you can revoke their card’s credentials and it will never be able to open your electronic locks again.

As a small business you might not have a big building to protect, but even small retail stores usually have back rooms for storage and office work. Electronic locks can protect both your building and the more secure rooms inside, and if you start growing your electronic security can grow with you. And if you need help choosing the right access control system to install, Supercircuits can help you choose the best brand and install it in your building.

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