Drive Away House Burglars With These 3 Effective Deterrents

Posted on March 24th, 2020

Drive Away House Burglars With These 3 Effective Deterrents

Drive Away House Burglars With These 3 Effective Deterrents

No one wants their home to be broken into by a burglar. Even if the burglar fails, the fact that they managed to even get inside the home or even just thought about casing or robbing your home, it gives you this feeling of uneasiness. Naturally, you’re going to want quality backup so you’ve got someone (or something) watching your back. Read on to learn three ways of effectively beefing up your home security to keep these unwanted visitors away.

Well-Lit And Maintained Outdoor Area

Burglars will steer clear away from homes with fully-lit outdoor areas and little to no sufficient hiding spots in place. Remember, they want to be able to come and go completely unnoticed. Make sure the outdoor area is free of dark areas which could serve as hiding spots for unwanted visitors, achieve this for your home’s outdoor area by installing pedestal lights, lanterns, and floodlights all over your garden, patio, porch, and lanai. Apart from sufficient lighting, make sure your garden is free of tall grass, bushes, and shrubs that could also serve as potential hiding places for burglars and other criminals alike.


Yes, adopting a dog from your local shelter will actually help you beef up your home security. Burglars will avoid anything that could alert others of their presence, making a barking dog one of the most effective burglar deterrents available to literally anyone! While most pups are naturally protective and territorial of their homestead, some dogs just love making friends with just about anyone. If your dog is too friendly with strangers, you hire a professional dog trainer to teach them how to be more protective of the house and their humans.

Surveillance Cameras

Whether it’s one surveillance camera by your front door or a fully-integrated security system, burglars absolutely hate home security systems. Surveillance cameras not only help you keep watch of your home, but they also effectively deter criminals from stepping foot on your property in the first place. Invest in surveillance cameras for your home by hiring a trustworthy and reliable security company that can find security solutions customized to your needs and budget.

Improving your home security measures allows you to keep those unkempt thoughts away and focus on what really matters. Living in fear of having your house broken into creates extra reasons to stress out, which then cripples your ability to actually live life to the fullest. You’re forced to coop up at home, are constantly paranoid of everyone that passes by or visits the house. No one wants that.

If you’re not quite sure how to best go about improving your home security despite the tips above, or just want that expert advice to make sure nothing goes awry, check out SuperCircuits. Recognized nationwide for innovative audio and video surveillance solutions, Supercircuits has a wide variety of available security equipment to make sure that you, your loved ones and your property are all safe and sound.

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