Five Ways To Use A Doorbell Camera

Posted on March 18th, 2020

Five Ways To Use A Doorbell Camera

Five Ways To Use A Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras are extremely popular and for good reason. They combine some of the most effective security technologies into one. A doorbell camera uses motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and remote monitoring to help you always see who is at your front door. Doorbell cameras offer a lot of utility beyond just protecting your home. So if you are thinking about installing one, here are all the ways you’ll be able to use it:

1. Stop Porch Pirates

“Porch pirates” is the name given for package thieves. These thieves steal packages right off of your porch. These criminals have become more prevalent in recent years with the increase of online shopping. In fact, 36% of Americans have reported a package theft in the last year. Doorbell cameras are great at combating package theft. They not only notify you when someone comes to your door so you can retrieve the package before it is stolen, you can also record footage of the thief if you can’t get to the package in time. 

2. Track The Coming And Going Of Your Household

Children and teenagers need extra monitoring, but it can be hard when you have to work all day. A doorbell camera can help. It will notify you when they’ve come home safely from school. It will also let you know if their friends have come over to hang out. This doesn’t just help with watching children, it can also help if you have elderly family members with dementia. You can make sure that they are safe inside and not out on the streets. 

3. Avoid Door-To-Door Salesmen 

Door-to-door salesmen are pretty annoying sometimes. They can push us into buying things we don’t really want. With a doorbell camera, you can easily see who is at your front door and choose if you want to answer. Furthermore, this adds a layer of security because oftentimes door-to-door salesmen are not who they claim they are. In fact, many criminals disguise themselves as door-to-door salesmen in order to case your home. They know that when you open the door, they can get a good look inside to see if your home is one they should rob.

4. Help Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

Doorbell cameras don’t just watch your front porch, they also point out into the street. There have been several cases when a crime happened in the street like a car theft or even assault that has been captured by a doorbell camera. Though the neighbor with the doorbell camera was not targeted, they were able to provide evidence to the police to help catch the criminal. As a result, doorbell cameras help support the safety of the entire neighborhood.

5. Greet Visitors Even When You Aren’t Home

As most doorbell cameras are equipped with both a two-way audio system that can let you talk to guests as well as integration features that can help you unlock doors. So if you have guests arrive when you aren’t home, you can easily greet them and let them in. They are especially useful for people who offer Air BnB and other short term rentals of their homes.

At Supercircuits, we can implement a doorbell camera that not only keeps your family and home secure, but offers these features. Give us a call at 1-877-995-2288. We’ll review your needs and present some great customized options.



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