How Body Worn Surveillance Helps Modern Law Enforcement Security

Posted on April 27th, 2020

How Body Worn Surveillance Helps Modern Law Enforcement Security

How Body Worn Surveillance Helps Modern Law Enforcement Security

Security systems must keep up with the latest technology in order to work effectively. While law enforcers, the primary providers of security for the community, operate on timeless policing principles, they should remain up-to-date with innovations so that the people they are protecting can have greater peace of mind.

Emerging devices in law enforcement security include body-worn video surveillance and wearable cameras. Police officers and ordinary members of the community alike can benefit from them. Read on to find out how.

Increased Accountability

With body-worn cameras, law enforcement officers basically become roaming recorders of their designated areas. The recording of interactions they make from day to day increases their accountability.

Officers using body-worn cameras receive 93% less complaints, as the cameras serve as conduits guaranteeing that both sides—the officer and the citizen—are accounted for.

Calming Effect

The enhanced accountability due to body-worn cameras promotes self-awareness while ensuring that protocols are followed. It can also prevent unnecessary confrontations between parties in a certain event.

As a result, both the law enforcer and the citizen involved are provided with extra protection. The use of cameras can play a significant role in the improvement of police legitimacy as well as public safety, according to experts.

Procedural Efficiency

Body-worn cameras have been proven to be more efficient in helping facilitate not just police investigations but also court proceedings.

In an area where this was studied, 95% of cases reported that utilized body-worn surveillance as part of the evidence resulted in early guilty pleas. From these testimonies, there was a significant reduction in police officers and civilian witnesses required to attend court because the surveillance records proved to be adequate evidence.

Public Confidence

With everyone being held more accountable, potential confrontations between parties prevented, and court proceedings made more efficient, it is no wonder that there is overwhelming public approval for the use of body-worn cameras. Even if there were some legitimate privacy concerns over it initially, 92% of those surveyed believe in its benefits.

How about the side of law enforcement? (93.2%) of city policemen demonstrate faith in how body-worn cameras can help in gathering evidence, while a significant number of them even prescribe that they should be compulsorily worn.

Innovative Uses

Beyond security, safety, and law enforcement-citizen interactions, body-worn cameras may also be used by law enforcers in related matters.

Aside from using the recordings as an intelligence source and for other purposes, officers can study footage from these body-worn cameras to improve themselves and search for the best practices. They may also be used in reaching out to law enforcement partners. For example, the devices can capture the behavior of criminals with mental health problems, and the footage may be forwarded to health officials for further analysis.

Are Your Law Enforcers Using Body-Worn Cameras?

Body-worn surveillance and wearable cameras are among the latest pieces of technology in law enforcement security. Make sure your community’s security needs are up-to-date by consulting with our security experts. Call Supercircuits today for more details about how we can help you.

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