Recent Events Show Why Military Installations Need Security Systems

Posted on December 20th, 2019

Recent Events Show Why Military Installations Need Security Systems

Recent Events Show Why Military Installations Need Security Systems

Many people believe that military bases are the safest places in the country. In some regards, this notion holds true. After all, the locations are full of highly trained recruits ready and willing to fight for freedom. However, there were a total of four shooting incidents at installations in 2019 alone.

- The Pensacola, Florida Naval Air Station

- Naval Air Station Oceana In Virginia

- Washington, D.C., Marine Barracks

- The Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Near Honolulu, Hawaii

Unfortunately, if a person is planning on harming others, it can be nearly impossible to stop them. Still, though, the world can't just sit idly by while these events happen again and again. Hence, military stations that may be vulnerable to attack should consider upgrading their existing security systems.

America's soldiers deserve to feel safe and sound at their temporary homes. They shouldn't have to walk around every corner, watching their backs. Therefore, curious base leaders should read further to learn about some tools that could make all of the difference in the world.

Outdoor Pan, Tilt, And Zoom Cameras

A lot of military bases are spread out over a vast amount of land. Thus, it can prove to be quite challenging to monitor everywhere effectively. Yet, PTZ cameras might be just what the doctor ordered. The lens can be moved remotely so that the viewer can get a detailed look at car license plates, faces, or even items in hands such as guns. In identifying potential threats early on, the military police can spring into action, and with any luck, they can prevent shootings, thefts, or whatever from happening.

Motion-Activated Lights

Dark parking lots, stairwells, alleys, and more can give criminals places to hide. They can lurk in the shadows, under cover of darkness, and wait to attack until the time is right. That can put soldiers at a disadvantage when they can't see the strike coming. Motion-activated lights kick on as soon as movement is detected. They shine brightly and can eliminate all of those pesky hiding spots. So, the powers that be should think about having the fixtures installed to protect soldiers, visitors, and anyone else on the property.

Access Control Systems

Doors can be safeguarded with access control systems. Most systems utilize keypads and key cards or number pads. Authorized individuals have to either swipe their card or enter a PIN for the door to unlock. This tool prevents just anybody from being able to walk into structures from off the streets. Additionally, when paired with surveillance cameras that have speakers/microphones, military personnel can see and talk to unauthorized persons to find out what they want.  

Of course, there are surely other methods for securing the premises. Hence, company leaders need to think outside of the box when it comes to security. Something definitely demands attention, as four shootings in one year are not acceptable. These stories show that military bases are just like any other place in this world; they are vulnerable to attacks.

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