Three Cases That Were Solved Thanks To Security Cameras

Posted on April 13th, 2020

Three Cases That Were Solved Thanks To Security Cameras

Three Cases That Were Solved Thanks To Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras are spread throughout many towns and cities, and rightly so. After all, studies show that crime rates decline when surveillance cameras are present. Aside from being a crime deterrent, security cameras record footage that is instrumental in catching criminals as it can be used as hard evidence in police investigations. 

Here are some examples of crimes that have been solved all thanks to footage captured by surveillance cameras. 

The Search For Carlesha Freeland-Gaither

Surveillance cameras caught some footage showing a man in Philadelphia alighting from an old Ford Taurus and walking toward 22-year-old nursing assistant Carlesha Freeland-Gaither. Carlesha was manhandled by the offender on the way to his vehicle, and the video showed her struggling to break free from his hold.

After Philadelphia law enforcement released the video to the public, the case gained the media’s attention on a national scale. This prompted detectives from the south of Philadelphia to offer their help. Virginia police began the hunt for Delvin Barnes, an offender who left DNA evidence on another female victim found at a local gas station. Investigators showed the abduction video to the offender’s father, who confirmed that the Ford Taurus was owned by his son. Police found Barnes at a shopping center parking lot in Maryland, where he surrendered without a fight. Freeland-Gaither was returned safely to her family. 

Cattle Thieves Caught In Florida

After noticing how his cattle herd had shrunk, 77-year-old Ed Davis of Auburndale, Florida sought help from law enforcement. He watched his property around the clock to keep an eye on his remaining cattle, but it was only after security cameras caught a 1989 Dodge pickup truck running a traffic light on one Florida highway that the investigation on the case was able to move forward.

Andres Trujillo, a convicted livestock thief, was the truck’s registered owner. Attached to the pickup truck was a trailer that had cows with the same markings as Davis’ Hereford cattle. Law enforcement in nearby counties informed Auburndale authorities about Yoinel DeVera, who was wanted for the same kind of theft. 

It was soon discovered that the two cattle rustlers were in it together after footage from bank security cameras caught both of them cashing a check from their sale of stolen livestock. Trujillo and DeVera were charged with grand theft of livestock. 

Drunk Drivers In North Dakota

Four Americans residing in North Dakota were among the first people in the U.S. who were arrested with the aid of official municipal drones.

Deputy sheriffs in Grand Forks stopped a car whose passengers were suspected of driving under the influence. After being pulled over, the four men inside the vehicle quickly jumped out and ran into a cornfield. The sheriffs then launched a drone to search for the four drunken North Dakotans and found success thanks to the drone’s thermal imaging technology. Within minutes, the first suspect was caught by the authorities, and soon enough, the other offenders were also caught.

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