Understanding a Smart Business Security System

Posted on December 26th, 2019

Understanding a Smart Business Security System

Understanding a Smart Business Security System

Security is definitely important for business, but for it to work properly and to be effective, you need to make sure that you choose the right security solutions that fit the needs of your business.

A smart business security system is a more convenient, secure, and efficient security system. It is more of a commercial-grade solution that can multitask while staying geared toward the unique needs of your business. It offers video surveillance, smart security, and even smart thermostats all rolled into one solution that is easy to control and easy to manage.

Always Active

This kind of security system for your business is always active. Older security systems may be good at responding to a burglary, but a smart business security system features the sensors and intelligence that are needed to alert you of suspicious activity, remind you to turn the alarm on, and even make sure everything is locked up at closing time.

Stay in Control

With this business security system, you can still remain in complete control. With older systems, you have to physically be in front of the control panel to push buttons and arm the system. Now, you can control and monitor your security system from virtually anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

The alarm can be turned on and off from your mobile device so you don't have to worry about running to the door and leaving before the alarm sounds after arming it in store. The app on your smartphone also allows you to monitor your live video feed and adjust the temperature inside the store if you need to.

Stay in the Know

Smart video surveillance allows you to know what is going on at your business location at all times. A smart security system's video surveillance is fully integrated, so you can easily see and record what is going on at all times. You will also receive video alerts immediately if something happens.

The access and surveillance system is also smart enough to understand the different types of activity happening which is how it can send you the video feed during certain times. For example, maybe you only want to see when the manager unlocks the door in the morning but you don't want to get notified each and every time a customer walks in.

Secure and Simple Solution

Finally, this kind of smart system is easy to control, straightforward, and convenient. All of your security solutions are fully integrated so it is that much easier to manage from one place. You can automate your door locks, provide access to certain employees, get alerts, and receive video clips of important or suspicious events. Being able to control the thermostat remotely also provides you with the opportunity to save some money throughout the year on your energy bills, as well.

For more information on what smart security solutions you can begin using for your business, contact Supercircuits today to get started.

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