Understanding the Role of School Security Officers

Posted on January 10th, 2020

Understanding the Role of School Security Officers

Understanding the Role of School Security Officers

School security officers are often in place to help prevent crime and theft and to ensure that the campus and the welfare of the students are secured and protected. They are trained and very familiar in the law as well as legal procedures and will know the best ways to respond when any kind of crime, including theft or property damage, occurs on campus.

Changing Duties

Over the years, the duties and the role of school security officers have changed as schools have begun to refocus their efforts and safety planning around more modern occurring emergencies. These modern emergencies include active assailants and increased fears being carried by teachers, students, and staff on campus.

When managing school safety and planning for emergencies on campus, there should be safety, security, and support professionals on staff, including health and guidance counselors, and school security officers.

Layering Security on Campus

When there are school security officers on campus, you are effectively layering on more security and protection. The security officer ultimately reports to the principal and other administrators.

In addition to the security officers, you should also have the right access control and video surveillance systems in place for the school as well. This system should include strategically placed security cameras prevalent across campus as well as have 24/7 monitoring.

Essential Roles of a Security Officer on Campus

In addition to deterring crime on campus, school security officers also protect the welfare of the students, staff, and teachers. One of their main responsibilities is to secure access to the building. This includes monitoring ID access systems that are already in place to help prevent intruders from gaining entry to the school.

They will also monitor the security video feeds and report any suspicious behavior they notice. They then fill out the appropriate paperwork, report any activity to law enforcement, and respond to any damage or incidents that were to occur on campus.

During an emergency situation on campus, the school security officers are the first line of defense and make sure that law enforcement officials are notified immediately. This helps reduce the risk of developing a more serious emergency situation.

The Role of Technology for School Security

Technology plays a large role in many aspects of our lives today and that also includes security officers in schools. It helps them better manage the physical aspects of security on campus by giving them eyes everywhere at all times. Instead of relying on only walking the campus, they can log in to the security cameras at any time to keep an eye on each area of the campus. This allows for much faster response times as well in case something were to happen.

So, as you can see, in addition to having the right technology and security solutions in place on campus, it never hurts to layer the protection by having physical security available as well.

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