What Are The Biggest Security Risks Businesses Face Today

Posted on February 18th, 2020

What Are The Biggest Security Risks Businesses Face Today

What Are The Biggest Security Risks Businesses Face Today

Like security technologies, security risks are always evolving. For business owners, this means needing to keep on top of the latest security risks and treats, and knowing how to protect yourself from these risks before they become a problem. Security technologies are advancing to make keeping businesses secure a less stressful experience, but you’ll need to know what risks you’re protecting against in order to get the most from your security strategy.

For small to medium sized businesses, a single burglary, break-in, cybersecurity breach, or instance of vandalism can be devastating. These businesses may not feel like a multi-layered security strategy is a wise investment for them, only realizing how they could benefit from better security after the worst occurs. At this point, however, the damages they’ve already experienced could put their very business in peril. 

Breaking Down The Biggest Threats

When crafting your security strategy, take into consideration the biggest threats your business may experience. Doing it this way, you’re able to hit all of your marks and protect yourself proactively before something terrible happens. The biggest security threats facing businesses today are:

Burned employees – Burned, disgruntled, or angry employees could be one of the biggest threats facing your business. Not just in the context of safety for your employees, but disgruntled employees may decide to “get back” at your business by using their insider knowledge. They could get into your online systems, they could use their knowledge to open your business up for a burglary, or they could use what they know to “expose” your business in any number of ways. It’s important to close all privileged accounts, cancel remote access, and take all necessary measures to limit what disgruntled employees can do.

Uninformed employees – With uninformed employees, this is a problem that could be fixed by improving your training strategies. With improper training, a business cannot expect their employees to avoid making avoidable mistakes. However, even with training, uninformed or careless employees can be a problem. Ongoing cybersecurity and security based training and support can help to make sure employees are always kept in the know about proper security procedures at your business.

The use of mobile devices – Mobile devices, in many ways, have made our lives much easier. However, they’ve also brought in security risks that simply weren’t there a decade or more ago. Personal mobile devices are at risk of being hacked, and employees that do business on mobile devices could be putting your business at risk. If employees have to use personal devices in their work, it’s important to emphasize cybersecurity, changing passwords, and keeping safe in personal phone use.

Keeping Businesses Secure

We have the technologies you need to keep your business safe no matter the industry you may be in or what your specific concerns may be. To improve your security strategy, contact us at Supercircuits today to see how we can help you to mitigate the biggest security risks facing businesses in today’s modern world.

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