What In The World Is IP Security

Posted on January 6th, 2020

What In The World Is IP Security

What In The World Is IP Security

If you find yourself puzzled by the title to this post, you have come to the right place. This article is going to discuss IP security to help readers gain a better understanding of what it is and what it does. After all, not everyone is familiar with security lingo, and everybody has to learn somewhere. First of all, IP stands for Internet Protocol. Additionally, IP security is also regularly called IPsec for short.

Most people are familiar with analog surveillance cameras, which transmit data over an analog TV signal. IP cameras are different in that they receive control data send images via the Internet. More and more homeowners are switching over to these devices. Why? Well, there are lots of reasons why. Several of them are going to be addressed in the following sections.

So, if you are shopping around for new surveillance cameras, don't go away just yet. Then again, if you are thinking about upgrading your current equipment, you will want to stay put too. Curious persons should read on to learn more and discover what all the fuss about IP cameras is about for themselves.

IP Cameras Use A Single Network Cable

Power, video, and audio are all transmitted through a single network cable with IP cams. On the other hand, analog devices require coaxial cables to be run throughout the building to each unit, which can get pretty expensive. Therefore, if money is a primary topic of concern, it is likely in your best interest to choose IP cameras. Plus, Supercircuits offers a 115-percent low price guarantee, which means if a consumer finds the same product cheaper somewhere else, the organization will match the price and knock off an additional 15-percent. 

Receive Alerts On Your Computer Or Mobile Device With IP Cameras

IP cameras come with an app or software that make them compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers. In turn, the owner can receive a notification whenever there is a problem. Then, he or she can review the live feed to determine whether the issue is real or not. For instance, they will be able to see if a burglar is attempting to jimmy open a door, or if a raccoon merely knocked over their trash cans. Should the threat be credible, the homeowner can contact the police to get them to investigate the situation promptly. As you can imagine, the alerts are a huge draw for a lot of consumers.

IP Cams Have Easy To Use Interfaces And Allow For Easy Installation

Another reason why people choose IP cameras is that they can usually install the units themselves. In other words, folks don't have to pay a contractor to do the deed for them, which once again, saves the person some money. Also, the interfaces of IP cams are straightforward. Typically, just by reading the instructions and tinkering with the program, the owner can figure out all of the bells and whistles that the devices have to offer.

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