Easy Steps For Introducing GPS Tracking to Employees

Posted on November 19th, 2012

Easy Steps For Introducing GPS Tracking to Employees

Easy Steps For Introducing GPS Tracking to Employees

Employees are the life force of any business. If they aren't in agreement with what is going on in the business, they're not going to be giving you their best effort. Your business can suffer as a result. Whenever you are implementing new tools and technology, you have to make sure that they're on board. Here are some quick, easy steps for making sure that you can introduce GPS tracking to your employees for better fleet operations and compliance:

  1. Never make it out to be a witch hunt. If people feel like they're being watched for negative reasons, they'll retaliate, rebel, and cause problems. You need to approach this as a benefit for the company rather than an individual situation.
  2. Make sure that you give them all the benefits and perks of GPS tracking to mull over. Once they see how much it benefits the company and THEIR daily activities, they will be much more receptive. Don't exaggerate, of course, but honestly let them know the goals that you have so they see why it's a good thing.
  3. Don't expect everyone to welcome the new technology. Change is hard and when it comes to privacy issues like GPS tracking, it takes even more time to adjust and accept. If you can plan ahead, it will be easier to get people on board.
  4. Make sure that people understand this as a POSITIVE change. Too often, companies are leery about introducing new ideas and either don't tell people or portray it in a slightly negative light because they assume that's what people will see. Get excited about GPS tracking because it can do a lot for your business. Plus, if you're excited, they will be too.
  5. Speaking of not telling, make sure that you never try to install tracking devices without telling your drivers. That's just going to make them feel like their privacy is violated and their input or support doesn't matter. Come up with a plan to inform everyone of the changes before they happen.

Technology can help your fleet operations in so many different ways. Not only does it save paperwork and create better compliance with DOT regulations and other laws, but it can give people more peace of mind in their work. The benefits of a system like this are nearly endless. It's your job to convey those benefits to your employees so that they can be on board with this change instead of rebelling against it because it's new and they don't understand it.

People instantly go to defense mode in situations like this. When you mention GPS tracking, expect to have drivers who challenge you and ask why you are invading their privacy. Be prepared with answers so that you can explain to them your goals with this system and how it isn't an attack, but rather a helpful tool to make the job easier for everyone.

Thanks to technology, GPS tracking is an incremental part of many trucking operations today. It can keep everyone accountable, keep everyone honest, and even track simple things like routine maintenance and daily operations. That means less paperwork for your drivers, less hassle for you, and a better operation from day to day in your trucking business. Just remember that you've got to take the time to come up with a plan so that you can explain this system to your drivers and show them how it benefits their job. That way, they will feel included and less like they're being watched or sought out for some malicious intent.

Technology Makes it Easy

No matter what you have in mind, GPS tracking tools are more accessible than ever. Thanks to new technology, it's affordable for almost every business to invest in these devices for their fleet operations. There are so many different styles and types to choose from that it should be easy for you to find something that works for your operations. Just remember that technology is supposed to help, not harm, and you have to make sure that you're getting that result. That means sharing with employees, preparing them for the change, and making sure that they understand what is about to happen. If people know it's not punishment, but a tool to help make their job easier, they'll be much more receptive. Show them how this solution benefits them directly and you will have a group of employees that is on board much faster than you might otherwise.

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