How Body Cameras Can Empower Your Law Enforcement Officers

Posted on April 23rd, 2020

How Body Cameras Can Empower Your Law Enforcement Officers

How Body Cameras Can Empower Your Law Enforcement Officers

Police body-worn cameras (BWC) can address the challenges today's law enforcement agencies face today. In use since 2014, body cameras or “cams” have been worn to provide surveillance to help not just promote officer safety but also the safety of the public.  Body camera technology can offer real-time information when used by police officers out on patrol or other responses that place them in contact with members of the community. Recent studies have determined several benefits to body-worn cameras and support their continued use. Here are some of the primary benefits of this technology:

1. Greater Transparency:

Body cameras usually result in better transparency and accountability for the officer and therefore may improve law enforcement legitimacy. Many communities lack trust and confidence in law enforcement. Add to this lack of confidence a situation that may involve the use of deadly or less lethal force may result in breakdown of communication between the police force and the community. 

2. Increased Civility:

Body cameras can also result in greater citizen compliance to officers requests during encounters. It has been shown that citizens when informed their encounter is being recorded alter their demeanor. This “civilizing effect” could prevent situations from escalating and reducing the need for use of force and increasing the safety of your officers. 

3. Corroborating Evidence:

Police body camera footage may be used as evidence in arrests as well as prosecution. Video captured by body-worn cameras may help corroborate the facts of the encounter and result in a quicker resolution. Video captured by body cameras also reduces the overall time that officers utilize to complete their paperwork or the case file, while still corroborating evidence that is then presented by prosecutors. This indisputable evidence also results in a higher number of guilty pleas. 

4. Faster Resolution Of Issues:

Body cameras can lead to faster resolution such as any complaints or lawsuits for excessive use of force or other officers “misconduct”. Video captured by body-worn cameras may help collaborate or dispel any complaints, corroborating the facts of the encounter and leading to a faster resolution. This can help protect your officers from false allegations and help them get back to work faster.

5. Law Enforcement Training:

The use of body cameras also offers your department a unique opportunity to improve police techniques through training. Bodycam footage will help trainees with assessment of officer activities and behavior captured by the body cameras. The use of video footage also allows opportunities to implement new strategies and assess the current methods as to their success or failure. 

Law enforcement agencies who are serious about transparency and wanting to improve community relations usually rely on body cams for their officers. If you are looking to staff your officers with body cameras or upgrade your current cameras, at Supercircuits our team of law enforcement security experts will help you with everything from the selection of equipment to professional technical support. Call us today at 877-995-2288 to get started. 

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