4 Basic Tips For Security Camera Placement

Posted on November 5th, 2019

4 Basic Tips For Security Camera Placement

4 Basic Tips For Security Camera Placement

When you install a surveillance system, you’ll want to use a small number of cameras to see as much of your home or business premises as possible. Being efficient like this will keep your costs down since you won’t need many cameras, plus it’ll be easier to review your camera’s footage and watch the live feeds when you have fewer perspectives you need to watch. You also won’t need as much storage space to keep all the recordings. That’s why it’s important to understand the best places to put your cameras.

1. Higher Viewpoints See More 

The closer to the ground you get, the more obstacles will be in your way. If you install a camera at head height you’ll get a good look at people’s faces, but you also won’t be able to see the people behind them. Other obstacles that can block your view include store aisles, hedges, cars, and cubicle partitions. Installing a camera high up by a ceiling, on a roof, or halfway up a light pole will give you a much clearer view of your surroundings.

2. Maintain Good Sight Lines

When you place outdoor cameras, think about the bushes and trees that will block the areas behind them. If you can’t see part of the sidewalk or road that’s fine, but your cameras should let you see most or all of the driveway and front walk, and it should be impossible for someone to creep along the ground and reach your house without the camera seeing. Cameras in retail stores should see down as many aisles as possible so shoplifters can’t keep their actions secret.

3. Remember To Use Lighting 

Most cameras see using the same light spectrum as the human eye. However, cameras have trouble with low-light conditions that a human eye can adjust to, and so things like twilight and sun glare can keep a camera from seeing anything. That’s why it’s important to use good outdoor lighting if you want your cameras to see what’s going on. You can also get infrared cameras that see in the dark, but even then it helps to use infrared lights so they can capture more details.

4. Keep Your Cameras Visible

Security cameras on their own can only do so much, but they can help create a deterrence effect when they’re a part of an integrated security system with good lighting, strong locks, and an alarm system. However, security cameras can only deter criminals if the criminals can see them. That shouldn’t be a problem if you put them in a prominent and well-lit location, but it can also help to place signs around your home or business that warn visitors that there are security cameras on the premises.

Surveillance is an important part of any modern security system, but you won’t get the most out of your cameras unless you know where to put them and what angles to use. Understanding camera placement also helps you keep your costs down. Something else you can do is contact a security company like Supercircuits to get a professional consultation and installation.

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