Do Security Cameras Really Make A Difference

Posted on January 28th, 2020

Do Security Cameras Really Make A Difference

Do Security Cameras Really Make A Difference

Some people regard the idea of a security camera as little more than an expensive piece of decoration that gullible property owners buy when they fall for fear-mongering news stories about crime. The facts, however, tell a different story. Security cameras are not just fashionable architectural features; they can make a real difference in safety and investigation for homeowners, and here’s how.


While we often hear in the news about crime in the city, the actual numbers show that more rural states, such as New Mexico, suffer the highest rates of burglary in America. One of the chief reasons for this is because people in these states, believing that they don’t have to worry because they don’t live in the city, don’t take the same precautions, such as simple practices like locking doors or using security cameras.

A security camera, however, provides an important function, and that is deterrence. It works so well because the presence of a security camera is often enough to keep a crime from even occurring. In the same way that a camera in a store deters shoplifting, trespassing, burglary, and other crimes on the property are deflected when a criminal realizes any act committed may be caught on camera.


If a crime does occur, a security camera provides an equally important function, and that is giving investigators something to work with, as tracking down a criminal begins. Contrary to popular thinking, many crimes in the USA occur during the day, not at night, because people are more likely to be at work, not at home.

If a property is robbed, and there are no eye-witnesses to provide details, the security camera is, even when witnesses are present, often the superior evidence for an investigation. Poor memory or no witness at all won’t provide good information about the time of entry, point of entry, the color of clothing, or other distinguishing physical features. A security camera provides all this data, giving investigators a good start to work with.

More importantly, once the guilty are arrested and charged, that same footage that led to an arrest can now be used by the prosecution as evidence in court for a conviction.

More Information

When you’re not at home, you have little to no idea of what goes on around your home while you’re away. You can only return home, hoping for the best and keeping an eye out for anything that looks different or out of place. With security cameras, however, you can get a lot more information about what happens when you’re not at home.

Today’s security cameras can be wireless and have footage viewed on convenient devices like your phone. You can get notifications from motion-detecting cameras, for example, that a delivery you were expecting was delivered to your door. You can then view the footage on your camera, to see the delivery being dropped off, or see who else approaches your door when you’re not home.

If you’re interested in bolstering your home security with a camera system, we can help. Contact Supercircuits for more information about the kind of security systems that are right for your needs.


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