New Security Camera Innovations To Consider For Your Business

Posted on March 4th, 2020

New Security Camera Innovations To Consider For Your Business

New Security Camera Innovations To Consider For Your Business

When it comes to security, a number of store owners still prefer the typical solutions of personnel checks and traditional sensors in exits to prevent any theft. However, there have been camera innovations that can offer more for the business.

This means that cameras can function beyond the usual protection and deterrent from crimes like vandalism and theft. If you are just installing security cameras in your brick and mortar store, here are a few things to consider. They may change the way you perceive security cameras, especially in how they can be further utilized for profit.

Using AI 

The combination of video analytics and artificial intelligence can be a good addition for your store. This is especially useful in the retail industry because of the usual threats of theft. However, it is also useful because it can set up how you manage a store.

Security cameras that have the proper capabilities can actually promote better buying habits and influence how store engagement is done. In some cases, one can even look at security cameras as a way to prevent emergencies. When something like a customer collapsing or needing help on a certain unmanned aisle can be the difference between an unforeseen consequence and an efficient response to emergency.

Increasing the Uses of Security Cameras In-Store 

Not all innovations for security cameras need to be an advancement in its features and technology. Sometimes, it can be as simple as the way security cameras are used in the areas they are mounted. For businesses that deal with heavy foot traffic, security cameras can act more than just a crime deterrent tool. It can shape your customer’s behavior. 

Data gathering using security cameras has slowly shaped the way businesses are run. Business owners can use the data identified via the mounted security cameras to study how to better lay out their stores. 

On another business level, stores that have multiple branches under one owner can lessen the need to go to the different branches. Monitoring employee and customer movement even remotely now helps business owners address any needs even when they are not physically present in the store.

A Two-Way Street: Monitor and Report

In keeping with business sensibilities, another advantage of security cameras is its two-way communication. Gone are the days when security cameras functioned like the one-way mirrors in police stations. Now, some security camera systems can allow the people on the other end to talk to the speaker on the other side.  

For branch managers and franchise owners, this gives them the option to monitor the progress for multiple branches, without going back and forth to their locations. Imagine being able to get live updates from your branches, complete with footage that you can control. This is an efficient way to deal with your business while giving security cameras more purpose to fulfill in your store.

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