Best Practices for Improved School Security Initiatives

Posted on December 12th, 2019

Best Practices for Improved School Security Initiatives

Best Practices for Improved School Security Initiatives

According to a survey done by the CDC, approximately 6 percent of students reported that they skipped school at least once during the 30 days leading up to that survey because they feared for their safety. School should be a safe and secure environment for everyone, so it is important to learn the best practices for improved school security initiatives.

Read on below to learn how to improve school safety.

Define the Problem

In order to improve school safety, you must first understand the environment and its external and internal factors that may be affecting the security and safety of the staff, students, and faculty.

Before you can develop the right school security initiatives, you need to gather data to find the specific concerns that need to be addressed and then determine what efforts are needed for protection and prevention.

Identifying Potential Threats

What are the common factors involved in the school and community that may threaten everyone's safety on campus? Once you can identify any potential threats, you will then find all the vulnerabilities that may exist.

This information helps lead you to determine if extra security personnel may be needed on campus. It can also help decide how many security cameras you may need and what other kind of technology can be put into place to help ensure the safety and security of the school.

Develop Strategies

Security strategies and safety plans should be made to fit the specific problems identified in the school. This allows for a much more targeted approach for your security efforts and can help with prevention, detection, and response.

Once you implement your safety strategies, you need to follow through to make more of a long term impact. You should constantly be measuring its success by testing each safety strategy and building a stronger foundation for what you are creating.

When you do this, you can take corrective action to make safety and security even stronger on campus.

Use Your Resources

All of this is easier to do when you have access to the right tools and resources that are needed. For example, incident reporting software tools are important when it comes to faster detection, prevention, and response times.

A fully integrated security platform for the school can also help streamline data collection and can make reporting and analysis easier to accomplish.

Training Programs

Security strategies are only successful when people are trained on the proper procedures. For your strategies to be effective, you need to allow for both physical and technological training. This allows for a more well-coordinated strategy.

Having this greater sense of knowledge and security will also help improve the peace of mind of the students, teachers, and staff. They will be less likely to fear for their safety while at school, when you have the proper strategies in place to help ensure a safer and more positive environment.

For more information on how you can improve school security or help to implement each phase of your security strategy, contact Supercircuits.

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