Effective Security Strategies for Municipal Buildings

Posted on December 3rd, 2019

Effective Security Strategies for Municipal Buildings

Effective Security Strategies for Municipal Buildings

When we think of a government or municipal buildings we tend to think of shootings or bombings. Yet smaller scale issues also play a part in the need for municipal buildings to make sure the building is secure and safe, not just for the citizens conducting business, but for the staff as well. If there are some basic guidelines in place and the proper security equipment, society will have a safer and more secure building.

Security Issues Affecting Municipal Buildings

Most municipalities today have budget constraints so resources need to be allocated on a “most needed” basis. Many towns do not have the resources necessary to provide physical security in the building every day such as security guards in the courthouse and county office buildings. Yet, many municipalities report that theft of town property such as air conditioners, laptops, computers, fuel, etc are also cutting into the budget. Another issue that many municipalities face in their buildings is workplace violence. These incidents include:

- Disgruntled employees and contractors

- Target threats to officials

- Angry, threatening or uncontrollable citizens

- Domestic Violence in the workplace.

This does not mean that these buildings, especially in smaller communities cannot be protected.  

Security Options For Municipal Buildings

There are many options using today’s technology, that not only provide excellent security but can be designed to fit into most budgets. Some of the more popular options include: 

Security Cameras: Install high-resolution security cameras that use IP and Megapixel surveillance to ensure proper recognition using a 360 or 180-degree security camera. This prevents any lapse in a video coverage. With the use of portable monitors, any camera can be viewed should the alarm go off.

Access Control System: This provides each employee access only to the areas that are necessary for their job, thereby holding them accountable. With a Biometric Access Control you prevent an employee's card from being used by anyone else, increasing security for higher-ranking officials. Access Control Systems also creates an audit trail of employee movement.

Emergency Lockdown: An emergency lockdown system will activate the locks on every door in the building with the swipe of one employee’s access card. 

Wireless Panic Buttons: Any area that is vulnerable to threats can be armed with a wireless panic button. Today’s panic buttons can also be worn around the neck or clipped to the person’s belt, so employees and officials can use them not just throughout the facility, but the parking area as well.

Guard Tour System: Using a Guard Tour system is an efficient way to manage the security of a municipal building with the use of a handheld device that checks each door on a specific schedule to ensure doors are not left unlocked or ajar. 

The experts at Supercircuits know that municipal buildings, being open to the public can pose some serious security challenges. Since 1989 we have been a trusted provider of security to all types of government and municipal buildings. Our customers include over 11,000 police departments and over 700 federal agencies. We can keep your employees and citizens safe and work with your budgetary limitations.

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