The Benefits Of Using Smart Technology For Your Business

Posted on December 6th, 2019

The Benefits Of Using Smart Technology For Your Business

The Benefits Of Using Smart Technology For Your Business

When people mention “smart technology” they usually think of technology for the home to adjust the lights, check who is at the door, even make sure the garage door is closed.

But it is no longer just for the home. Implementing smart technology for your small business helps maintain a safe and secure environment, improves energy efficiency and optimizes processes. We have provided you with a highlight of some of the benefits of using smart technology in your business.

Minimizing Security Risks For Your Business

Every business owner wants to keep their business, staff and customers safe and secure. So implementing the right security is important for your peace of mind. Smart security technology include: 

1. Smart Security Systems:

Originally designed for homes, thanks to the versatility and ability to be customized it is becoming popular with business owners. The base package usually contains a control panel, window/door sensors, motion sensor, and sensors that detect smoke, heat, water leaks. The biggest benefit is that you can add sensors and devices as your business grows.

Most of these security systems are completely wireless so you can monitor all of your business devices through your smartphone, computer or laptop.

2. Video Doorbell: 

This is a high tech, low budget effective security system. This is not your typical doorbell. Connected to your computer, smartphone or tablet, the video doorbell is equipped with video surveillance so you or your employees can see who is at the door. This is also a great way to protect your entrance when the business is closed as you can view who is at the door at night as well. Since 32% of all burglars come in through the front door, a video doorbell will give you peace of mind for a small price.

3. Smart Locks:

Smart locks are a boom for businesses, especially the small business owner. An alternative to the key system, a keyless lock designed for commercial use allows you control of access at all times. You can assign entry codes to employees, limit the offices or areas they can enter, lock doors remotely. One of the biggest benefits of a smart lock is that you will not have to change the locks and give everyone a new key every time an employee quits. You just remove their access code.

Improving Energy Efficiency For Your Business 

Another major benefit is the energy savings you can receive from using smart technology. Energy usage in your building is one of your largest expenses. Two ways you can use smart technology to lower those expenses include:

1. Smart Thermostat:

For the average business owner, the thermostat in your business controls half of your energy bill. A smart thermostat will save you money. It will intuitively adapt the environment per your programming. It knows when to lower the thermostat and then crank up the heat or air. You can program it to lower the thermostat at the end of the business day and then set it so that when the first person walks into your business. Since the smart thermostat is compatible with your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are, you can control the thermostat in your business.

2. Smart Lighting:

When you incorporate smart lighting you will see a drop in your energy bills. How many times has an employee forgot to turn off all the lights? This is a big chunk of your energy bill. So for commercial lighting smart lighting systems are well worth the investment. Also controlled through your smartphone, tablet or computer, you have full control of every light in every connected room of your business, no matter where you are. An added option is that you can have occupancy sensors installed that will turn off the lights when the room is empty.

Improving Business Productivity With Smart Technology.  

Implementing digital assistants into your business can help your business become more efficient and allows your team to focus on more productive goals. When you mention the words Alexa or Google Nest Hub, most homeowners do not identify these as digital assistants. As handy as they are in the home, they can be a big help when it comes to the efficacy in your office. Some of the things a digital assistant can do for you include:

  • Control your other smart devices (lights, door locks, thermostats)
  • Schedule meetings
  • Make and receive calls
  • Get reminders
  • Dictate notes.

The goal of smart home technology is to make life easier, efficient and secure for homeowners. But the same system of smart connected devices can also help the business owner, not only to monitor costs and safety but also enhance efficiency in their business.  

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