Understanding Security Solutions for Business

Posted on November 21st, 2019

Understanding Security Solutions for Business

Understanding Security Solutions for Business

When it comes to the security of your business, no matter the size, there are many facets you will need to take into consideration in order to provide complete protection inside and out. Cybersecurity is just one of those facets that may require more attention.

While we may only hear about the cyberattacks being made on bigger businesses, it is the smaller businesses that need to stay aware and on top of their security because they are often less protected, have fewer resources, and weaker network systems when compared to those bigger organizations.

So, to help you protect the security of your business, we have a few solutions for you to consider.

Monitor Traffic

Just as you monitor the traffic coming and going from your business, you also want to monitor the traffic in and out of your firewall. Don't just rely on alerts you may get to flag any potentially dangerous activity. Instead, make sure that each report is analyzed, and all the data is prepared so you can take whatever action is needed.

Stay Up to Date

You also need to stay up to date on all current threats that may have been discovered. The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT, a division of Homeland Security) is a good resource to use. They send email alerts about any vulnerabilities that may exist in software.

Update Your Defense

A good defense is always needed to help make sure that these threats don't make it through your network. Keep your firewall and all anti-virus software you are using up to date. You can do this by enabling the regular updates, so you are sure not to miss one.

Employee Training

Another line of defense is making sure that all of your employees are trained on how to do this along with other security protocols you have in place. They need to be aware of any changes there may be to the acceptable use policy. They also need to be trained to recognize suspicious activity so that they can immediately report it.

Data Loss Protection

To protect your data and avoid data loss, install a data protection solution. If your network is breached in any way, this layer of protection will help keep all your business information from being lost.

Other Security Solutions

It is also important to understand all your other security options as well to make sure that your business is fully protected. Access control is important for restricting access to your network. It is a good way to keep potential hackers out and allows you the ability to control, monitor, and recognize each user and each device.

Antivirus and antimalware software are also important for keeping malware from infecting your network. Behavioral analytics can be used to help detect any kind of abnormal network behavior that may exist as well, but you need to know what normal behavior looks like to ensure that this is effective.

For more information on network security for your business and other tips and tricks, contact the professionals at Supercircuits today.

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