Fake Security Cameras Are They a Deterrent

Posted on November 25th, 2019

Fake Security Cameras Are They a Deterrent

Fake Security Cameras Are They a Deterrent

Some homeowners and even some business owners are using dummy security cameras as a way to deter crime. But are they really as effective as these people may think? Today we are going to take a closer look at fake security cameras in an attempt to decide if they are a valid deterrent or a waste of resources.

Security cameras are one of the staples used in a home security system. They are used to monitor the property, record the footage, and act as a deterrent. What criminal wants to risk being caught on camera? When they see video cameras, they are more likely to move on and find another target that will be easier to infiltrate unseen.

So, are dummy cameras just as effective as real security cameras?

Pros of Fake Security Cameras

There are some benefits to having these dummy cameras installed around your property.

  • More affordable. They are definitely more affordable which makes it possible to purchase more of the cameras to place around the property.

  • Easy to install. They are fake cameras, which means there are no wires to route or other devices that need to be configured in order for them to work properly. You just mount the cameras where you want with a few screws, and that's that.

  • May deter crime. They are definitely better than nothing when it comes to deterring crime on your property. However, they need to be realistic enough to fool these seasoned criminals.

Cons of Fake Security Cameras

On the other hand, you will also find a few negatives when it comes to installing dummy security cameras on your property, as well.

  • Legal implications. Many times, you will find it is okay to use these cameras at home. However, you may find issues when you start using dummy cameras in the workplace. They may create a false sense of security for employees and others that visit the building as well.

  • No footage. These cameras are fake, so they are not recording. Ultimately, this means if something does happen on your property, you will, of course, not have any proof to back up any claims you make.

  • Easy to catch. Again, they have to be realistic enough to fool even the most seasoned criminals. Amateur thieves may fall for the dummy cameras, but others may not be as easily fooled. Real cameras, for example, often have a red blinking light showing that they are operational. This is not a feature commonly found on dummy cameras.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that having the right security system in place is the best protection. Instead of using fake security cameras, you should instead consider a real system with real cameras to protect your home and property. You can still have a dummy camera or two to add to the system, though, but they shouldn't be relied on alone.

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